The escape room comes to you

You are searching for a code to a safe and in front of you is a mysterious yellow suitcase with unknown contents - will you accept the challenge and open it?

With cunning ingenuity, your team competes in solving the tasks found in the suitcase to get the code to the safe as quickly as possible! If you are a large group, you simply compete against each other in several teams with several bags, the fastest wins. It’s about collaborating, solving puzzles and logical thinking, the challenge is just as suitable for corporate events as for hen/stag parties or for a group of friends!

The bag is a mobile concept, which means that we come out to you and carry out the activity exactly where it suits you, tailored to your needs.

The bag is available to play in both Swedish and English and can be adapted for both smaller and larger groups, anything between five and 35 people. The challenge lasts for approx. 60-90 minutes and our professional instructors explain and guide you through the entire experience.

The cost is 2500 per team.

Book by email/phone - don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions! Playing in a park