Far out on the cliffs of Saltskär liles the boathouse of old Captain Knot. He was once a highly respected commander as well as an expert knot tier. Nowadays with old age he has become a bit paranoid and confused. His last wish is to be reunited with his old collection of knots and remember the good old days one last time.
Technically he does not have a permit for his boathouse and because of this small detail the township has decided to tear it down. The demolition team arrives in an hour but the old captain does not have the strength to retrieve his collection on his own. Help the captain save as many knots as possible before it’s too late.

There is small elements of Swedish in this challenge.

The Boat house if the result of a partnership between Karl-Johan Sellgren and The Alley.



Team size

2 - 4


60 min

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Day start - end.
adults, students and children.

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