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Use the form above to see available slots for booking. You have to be at least two people to play.
Adults are people over the age of 15. Price for adults: 340 sek.
Students are peple over the age of 15 that are studying. Price for students: 310 kr.
Children are people who are under the age of 15. Price for children: 290 kr.

You need to be at least two palyers

We recomend a max of 5 players per team. If you are more it can be a little croweded and give you a lesser experience. We instead recomend splitting up into several teams.

The maximum number of players in a game is seven. If you are more ypu must split up into smaller teams.

You need at least one adult in each team.

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Dag start - slut.
adults, students and children.

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    Our arenas

    We have three challenges available. “The Bank Heist”, “The Last Hand” and “The Boathouse”. You can come to us and play if you are two or three people or come as a group of up to 28 people.

    If you are booking for a kickoff, bridal shower, bachelor party or something of that nature we can also help with arrangements around the event.

    The Bank Heist

    The Bank Heist

    It starts in a bank in the middle of the night. I ends when you have stolen a large diamond.

    The Last Hand

    The Last Hand

    In The Last Hand you step right in to the 1920's and you get to decide the future.



    Collect as many knots as possible in Captain Knots old boat house.