For answers to frequently asked questions continue reading the text below.


No particular clothing is needed. You won’t get dirty or sweaty. Arrive about five minutes before your booking. Groups that consist of more than ten members should arrive about 15 minutes before the game starts. Those who use glasses to read should bring them. It is important that you don’t arrive late for your booking. We most probably have bookings after yours and will have to cut down your game-time if you are late.


We are located 15 steps downstairs. There is a possibillity to use an older elevator, although note that it is too narrow for wheelchairs to fit. It is ok to play while pregnant. Those who use wheelchairs should primarily choose The Last Hand.


  • It is not allowed to drink alcohol at The Alley.
  • If you are noticeably intoxicated, we will not start your game.

Purchase conditions and payment

  • We provide free cancellation up to the start of the game.
  • Companies can pay with card or invoice, private individuals can pay with card or Swish.
  • Unfortunately, we do not accept cash.
  • If technical issues cause us not to be able to arrange your booked game, we will provide a refund. Alternatively,the option to rebook and get 50% off of your next visit is provided.

Team pictures

After the game you will be able to take team pictures if you would like. The pictures are published on our Instagram and Facebook, as well as our website. If you would like us to remove your picture, please send us an email with your booking number and a link to the photo.


Booking is best done via our website. The booking-system is available here.

Common questions and answers

What is an escape room?

Escape room or escape game is an activity that has grown very popular. It consists of trying to solve a row of problems, mysteries and puzzles together with your teammates within an hour.

Are storing places for valuables available?

We have lockers big enough for handbags that you can use. Locks are provided.

What language are the rooms available in?

Our rooms are available in english and swedish. Sjöboden is only available in swedish.

Are there restrooms?


Can you play as two participants?

Yes, but we do recommend three or more players.

We would like to cancel, is that possible?

Yes, you can cancel for free up to the start of the game. Call or email us as soon as you know you will not be able to make it.

Where are you located and how do I find you?

We are located at Davidhallsgatan 25 in Malmö. If you travel by train, Triangeln is the closest stop with only a couple minutes walk to us. Closest bus station is Davidshall which is even closer. We are next door to Stippes!

Are your challenges horror-themed or scary?

None of our rooms are horror-themed, but can include minor surprise-elements.

What happens if I need to go to the restroom during a game?

The door to the room is never closed so if you have to or want to, you can open it and exit at all times.

We brought a stroller, can we park it somewhere during the game?

There is enough space for strollers in our lobby.

How long does it take?

The challange takes 60 minutes at max, but you should set aside 80 minutes for the whole activity to include the introduction, visits to the restroom and so on. Arrive on schedule!

Where do I find my team picture?

Team pictures are published on Instagram, Facebook and our website. Feel free to share your picture too!

How many challanges do you have?

We have three challanges at the moment, but are creating a fourth. Keep an eye out on our social medias and website!