Terms and Conditions

(Or as we call it: The boring stuff)


Rooms & Boxes Entertainment AB
Davidshallsgatan 25
21145 Malmö
Org. No. 559051-6976

Our goal is to provide you with an hour of a fantastic experience. In order to be able to do so, and keep the prices at an acceptable level, we need to set some rules. But we do not want to get lost in lawyer language, so let’s do this clear and open.

What do I buy?

You buy the right to an hour of game time with the number of players you choose, in the room you choose, at the date and time you choose. That hour is framed by 15 Minutes before and after the game. In the beginning, you get an introduction to the game and story, after your game our game guides are yours to answer questions and take a player picture, which will be uploaded to our Facebook page. The upload is not mandatory. Let us know if you don’t want to be on social media.

How about refunds when I cancel or arrive with fewer players than I booked for?

It can happen that you decide not to play, or something changes so that you can’t. That is fine with us, and you can get get a full refund as long as you cancel your appointment not later than three days before your scheduled timeAfter that time no refunds will be paid.

The same rules apply if you arrive with fewer players than you initially booked. You let us know within the above time, and you will get a full refund for the missing players. Otherwise, no refund will be paid.

Is it possible to reschedule an appointment?

Yes. With the same timing rules that apply to cancellations.

What am I supposed/allowed to do in the room, and what not?

Our game guides will give you a detailed introduction about how to play the game. The short version is: Have fun, and be reasonably careful so that nothing breaks.

Anything that could influence somebody else’s experience for the worse, or forces us to close the room for repairs is forbidden.

What happens if I break something?

As long as you followed the rules everything is fine. Accidents happen. But keep in mind that our game guides do execute the house right, and their word is final. In cases of misbehaviour in the room, the following will happen:

  • The game will be interrupted.
  • No refunds will be paid.
  • The damage will be documented.
  • We will repair the damage, and send an invoice for the repairs to the person who ordered the game. The invoice will consist of labour costs (400kr/h), material costs (according to expenditure), and a service fee (1000kr).
  • Should we have to close the room for repairs, and therefore can’t let people play who already booked, the person who placed the order will also receive an invoice for the lost sales (Full amount the affected groups paid + 3% service fee for handling and refund costs).

In bad cases, all players will be banned from ever playing at The Alley or other Venues of Rooms & Boxes Entertainment AB again.

We know all that sounds horrible, and we really don’t want to go there. It would not be fun for anyone involved. So let’s just agree on not breaking anything, shall we?

A word about alcohol and the likes

In our rooms, you are up for a challenge that you do not need strength or fitness for. Just you combined brainpower and the will to explore. Alcohol does not help with that. If our game guides notice that you are intoxicated, it is theirs to decide whether you may play or not. There will be no refunds in case they decide you may not.

So in your own best interest, please arrive sober. You can always have a victory drink afterwards.

(This version of our terms and conditions is valid from 2019-03-19,
applies to all bookings from that date and replaces all prior versions)