Bridal shower

An unexpected activity for the bride

It’s always more excising when they don’t know what is about to happen. We are used to handling bridal showers and putting in some extra effort to give the bride a memorable day. A lot of bridal shower groups choose to blindfold the bride and bring her right into the game without giving any clues as to what is happening beforehand. Suddenly she is standing there with her best friends, a flashlight in her hand and she has to solve all the riddles to get to the diamond before the night guard returns.

Suits everybody in the group.

Our escape rooms are intense challenges where you really need to work as a team and communicate to solve the riddles and puzzles. At our escape rooms no one will be locked inside a room, both for safety reasons and so that everyone can feel comfortable while playing.

An unexpected event for the bride to be

It’s a little more exiting when you don’t know what is coming. We are used to welcomming bridal showers and put in the extra mile to make it memorable. It’s not uncommon that the bride to comes to us blindfolded and enters the game directly - not quite knowing what to expect.

As the blind fold comes of - there she is with her best friends, a torch in her hand about steal the diamond before the guard makes their round.

Suits all

Our Escape Rooms are intense challanges where cooperation and communication is paramount. We don’t actually look the door to the challenge, this not only for safty but also to make it possible to go to the rest room etc.

Our challenges is about progressing towards the end goal - in a way that is fun, engaging and works for whole group. Including those who are pregnant.

Choose the right challenge

It only makes sense to play a room once, the second time around you already know the secrets of the puzzles. Not so fun. So try to figure out if she already played at The Alley and if so what room.

  • Did she unvail a covert orgainisation with agents: “The Last Hand”.
  • Did she have a torch in a bank: “The Bank Heist”
  • Did she look for knots in a boat house: “The Boat House”

Split up into teams and compeat - if that’s your thing

An Escape Room is at its best with 3 to 5 persons in a team. Many chooses to spilt up into smaller teams instead of cramming together in a single room. Not only does the game get more enjoyable, it’s also easier to make sure poeple doesn’t end up playing a room a second time.

Praktical info

  • Time: about 60 minutes play time, about 80-90 all in all.
  • Participants: 3 - 28 persons
  • Payment: You pay on site. Card or swish
  • Price: about 340 SEK per person, see the booking system for exact price. You pay only for the ones that show up. If someone can’t make it, there is no charge.
  • Booking: You have to book in advance. See the booking system.
  • Alcohol: We don’t sell alcohol but we allow for our guests to drink alcoholic beverages after the game in our lobby. Playing an escape room is challenging and we strongly advice you to be rather sober when visting us. It’s much more fun that way.