Put him to the test!

Our rooms are challenging, built for you to solve by cooperation. You struggle together to find clues, solve puzzles and overcome obstacles before you run out of time.

Choose the right challenge

It only makes sense to play a room once, the second time around you already know the secrets of the puzzles. Not so fun. So try to figure out if he already played at The Alley and if so what room.

  • Did he unvail a covert orgainisation with agents: “The Last Hand”.
  • Did he have a torch in a bank: “The Bank Heist”
  • Di

Take is easy with the beer.

Escape rooms are tricky - already after a few beers it pretty hard for most people to solve the problems in the rooms. So it’s best to come to us early in the day if you are planning for a wet party. We don’t sell alcohol but it’s ok for you to have beer in our lobby after the game, if you brought them.

We are used to stag parties

Do you want him to be led in to the room blind folded? Perfect - our staff will play along without letting him know what’s about to happen.

Will you pay separatly or will one pay for all? Both works fine.

If someone doesn’t show up, no worries - you only pay for those who play.

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