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Try an Original Escape Room in Central Malmö!

The Alley offers you unique, story-driven escape rooms. We immerse you in mysteries, which you will uncover by solving challenging puzzles and making use of enigmatic devices.

Professional voice actors narrate your way through our rooms, while you dig deeper and deeper into the story.

Our rooms are designed, built, and brought to life by our own team of creatives here in Malmö. They are exclusive to The Alley.

If you are looking for that little bit extra in escape gaming, we will not disappoint you.

You have never played an Escape Room? Please take a look at our FAQ to learn more about it.

Our Escape Rooms

The Last Hand

Entering The Last Hand means entering the last remaining secret hideout of a clandestine organisation from the 1920s. A plan to change the world has been put in place. If you can figure the plan out, it will be on you to decide our future. New world order? Old world order? It’s just one call away.

This is waiting for you

  • A beautiful, 1920s style room
  • Unique gadgets made in Malmö
  • Puzzles that need logic, perception, and the will to explore
  • A story driven experience, which allows you to choose from two different endings
  • And of course some exciting surprises

The Ancient Mystery

Playing The Ancient Mystery puts you in a cave outside of time and space. Countless generations before you have prepared it to keep the balance between Order and Chaos. Now, it is up to you to uncover the secrets of our ancestors and be the protector of life.

This is waiting for you

  • A mysterious cave waiting to be explored (no climbing or other physical activity necessary)
  • Unique effects and artwork created by our own team
  • Gadgets from different epochs of human history
  • An ending that depends on your choice
  • And of course some exciting surprises

Our 2-Player Special

The Control Room

Please note! This is not a full-scale, classical escape room! This is an ingenious, immersive, interactive, multimedia experience. Feel free to use the contact form if you want to know more before you book.

In this experience, you find yourself in the control room of your local nuclear power plant. Just a normal day, making sure the old lady does not get any hiccups. No big deal for an expert. But here’s the catch: You are no expert! Not even close! Your friend is, and for some reason, you don’t recall, you agreed to stand-in for an hour. But, hey, it’s just an hour, right? What can possibly go wrong, right? Right? … What’s that light?

With The Control Room, we bring a very special room to you. It is Malmö’s first room tailored to provide a great experience for 2 players. It also is our first guest room. Emil Bengtsson and Dennis Gustafsson created a masterpiece without a space to put it. So we provide the space to make sure that “the machine”, as they lovingly call it, does not just catch dust in the attic. Win-win! And when you play and love it it will even be win-win-win. We are looking forward to welcoming you to your game.

Made by Emil Bengtsson and Dennis Gustafsson – played at The Alley

This is waiting for you

  • A genuine 2-player experience,
  • The rugged charm of an old reactor’s control room,
  • Two chairs we bet you won’t spend much time on,
  • A beautifully made machine that will keep you on your toes for up to 60 minutes.

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