You have never played an escape room and wonder what it is? Don’t worry it is very simple and really great. Here is our

Ultimate description of Escape Gaming!

  • It’s a form of highly engaging entertainment
  • Puzzles and gadgets in themed rooms are to be found and solved
  • There is a time limit. Usually 60 minutes
In more detail
Unsurprisingly Escape Rooms are rooms. But they are also a team game. Have you ever watched some sort of crime, or adventure movie? Did you catch yourself giving hints to the main characters? Now you don’t have to hint anyone anymore, because you and your friends can be the heroes. Equipped with nothing but a bit of background story and your wits you will enter your adventure.
What do the rooms look like?

Totally different. Escape rooms are themed and decorated to fit the background story. It can look like a prison cell, a mad scientists lab, or just a normal office. In our case you have

  • The Last Hand, a beautiful 1920s crime story, and
  • The Ancient Mystery, an enigmatic cave adventure,
  • The Control Room, a nuclear reactor’s centre of operations

to chose from.

What to do in the rooms?
Have fun! Once inside it is on you to not only solve the puzzles, but also find them first. Strange objects, hidden messages, and logic puzzles are waiting for you. Let’s say you for example find a letter, which does not seem to tell you anything about how to solve any puzzles. Maybe you later find some sort of deciphering tool, which helps you finding its hidden message? Or maybe it is just a piece of the story line? You’ll never know until you try. The good news is, it will entertain you either way.
What if I get stuck?

No worries. You can always get hints. In our rooms, there is no limit how many you can get, and there is no penalty if you ask for them. We just want you to enjoy your adventure.

If you want a more guided adventure, please let us know. Our game hosts will then keep a close eye on your progress. We know how long our puzzles approximately take to solve, so we can give you little hints to keep you in the flow.

Which way you want to play is absolutely your choice.

What happens after 60 minutes?

You will see our friendly faces again. In case you didn’t solve the room, your game host will come in, and show you the final steps. If you want us to. If you plan to come back and try again, you are very welcome to tell us not to give you spoilers about the remaining puzzles.

And when the game is finished?

When the game is finished, and if you wish so, we will take a picture of the whole team in the room. It doesn’t matter if you solved it or not, you will have earned a spot in The Alley history. We will upload your picture to our Facebook page, where you can tag yourself, so that you have a memory of your game, and can share it with your friends.

Different topic. We need to pay by invoice. Is that possible?

We offer invoice payment for corporate customers. Please find all the information about it here:

If you have any more questions…

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do so by

  • using the contact form below,
  • sending an email to,
  • or sending us a message on Facebook.

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