The Ancient Mystery

325:-kr per player (3-6 players) 90 minutes

Important to know:

THE TIME YOU BOOK IS YOUR ARRIVAL TIME! Please make sure you’re neither early nor late. Read more about this in our FAQ: “When do I have to arrive on the day of my game?”

  • Success rate throughout the lifetime of the room: ~60%
  • Changes in the success rate lately: Dropping
  • Average time when solved: 50-55 minutes

You can book our rooms online up to two hours before the game would start. So if you want to play right now just give us a call. Your spot might still be open.

(Please take note of the cancellation and rescheduling policy in our terms and conditions.)

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Playing The Ancient Mystery puts you in a cave outside of time and space. Countless generations before you have prepared it to keep the balance between Order and Chaos. Now, it is up to you to uncover the secrets of our ancestors and be the protector of life.

The music in this room is created by Kai Engel licensed under CC BY 4.0. He creates wonderful pieces which really are worth being spread. If you would like to listen to it at home, please find his work at